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Group photos: Photographing groups, gatherings and giggles , fun and formal portraits - Wedding photography
Gatherings of two or more, wedding party groups, capturing formal shots including the giggles is always a joyful occasion.

My availability
I have other photography commitments so restrict my calendar to a limited number of bookings each year. If you require a photographer at short notice, call me, I could be available as your last-minute photographer. Located in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, I'm available for weddings in Edinburgh. We are ideally located to cover weddings in Scotland and can travel further if required, ask for details.

Talented photographers in Scotland
Sourcing your Scottish photographer will be like finding hen's teeth, NOT! Unearthing your hidden gem north of the border won't be an issue for you. Check out this handy "talent table for choosing your photographer" The handy table matrix is offered to give you some direction and offer some forethought for those that like to research and give consideration to support their decisions. Note: You won’t find JGP fronting a stand at wedding fairs. I’m not in the glossy mags and I hide from the newspapers. Why? Well, third parties all want their pound of flesh. So granted I may not be found as frequently as others

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