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Getting ready photos, wedding photography.

Wedding day planning, prep and get ready time - Groom & Bridal preparation shots – The Details

Getting ready photography
Getting oneself prepared, photography covering a tale of two camps, traditionally the bride and groom preparing themselves for their day ahead. From this moment on it's all about real moments and understanding our clients, acknowledging our customers and ensuring customer focused outcomes are achieved.

The bride’s preparation coverage isn’t for every bride-to-be, we listen to what our clients tell us. Where they want to be photographed, what their expectations are, how they want to engage with us during each step of the way. In return we’ll give our clients the attention to detail we need to return beautiful preparation images.

The groundwork, getting ready, a photographer’s view.
Setting the foundations for the day ahead is always an opportunistic occasion for the photographer, as tempting as it may be, I try not to get involved as a helping hand during bridal prep time, this isn’t intended to sound callous, doing so would compromise all those wonderful moments and instances that make the preparation experience one of the highlights of the whole day. Photographing a groomsman’s first time wearing a kilt can be an entertaining experience, guaranteed to return great images.
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