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On the flip side of photography Passenger jet aircraft on runway lined up on take off runAircraft on runwayPassenger jet aircraft on runway lined up on take off run, image by John Gilchrist

Looking beyond my weekend worrier pursuits


I enjoy additional work commitments outside of my photography interests. Activities centre on the aviation sector within the travel industry; the upside means both my day jobs are varied and interesting. As an operational front line member of staff, I have the responsibility of working in a non-landside environment, this is a privileged pleasure I hold dearly.

Occasionally I’m called to participate in the documentation process of airside safety occurrences; this involves support photography for visual reference to airside & aircraft incident reports. (Seemed like it was relevant and on topic, so just thought it was worth a mention!)

Strangely enough, working in such a diverse and dynamic environment helps in many of my photography surroundings, drawing from an operational skill base and applying those skills in certain photography situations has helped outcomes on occasion.

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