FAQ: Wedding Photography - Frequently Asked Questions

Quick fire Q&As

Ask the photographer

Are you a luxury high-end wedding photographer? No, help choosing a photographer.

Do you offer services for weddings on a low budget? No, read more.

Am I the right photographer for you? I'd like to be.

What is your pricing? It varies, read more.

What do your wedding packages include? It's diverse, read more

Do you edit all our photographs? Yes

Are our digital files watermarked? No

Do you also provide video services? No

Do you offer wedding albums? No, digital files only.

How much photography coverage do we need? It depends.

Should we do an engagement session, yes, no or maybe? Ask for details.

Can our family and friends take pictures with their cameras? Yes

Can I give you a list of shots I would like taken? Yes, please do

Do you cater for destination weddings? Yes, read more.

Who's who at your wedding? Help me help you, read more.

Can we have our story on your blog? Yes, let's share the love.

What is the timeline we are working to? Help me help you, read more.

We want everything documented! Can we have more images? That may require a second photographer.