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Event photography UK: Social activities, parties, proms & family get-togethers, all occasions considered - Photography Scotland UK
Event photographers direct, event photography by John Gilchrist, independent freelance photographer in Scotland.

Annual events: Anything from school proms, community Gala's to a Burns suppers. Live events: Documenting bands, gigs, music recitals, dance performances, anything in a social setting can be amazing experience. Family events: Reunions, birthdays, and anniversaries. Ideal for personal milestones such as special birthdays or family reunions when relatives gather for a special celebration such as significant birthday, engagement celebration or wedding anniversary. Devoting an evening getting to know a small group of people celebrating a landmark birthday or an engagement or other special achievement is awesome and always so much fun for me. Nightspots, private homes, small venues.

Corporate business: As an event photographer, Edinburgh is my go-to city for events, I cater to the private, public & voluntary sector. Capturing the energy, the passion and a sense of occasion is what I do, specialising in corporate event photography, private business parties, conferences, red carpet events, trade shows, corporate celebrations & more. Invitations to travel outside the Edinburgh area welcome.

Photographer in Edinburgh - Events: I have been working as a freelance photographer since 2009 covering events around the city including Central, South West & South East Scotland, and beyond. Most of our work includes weddings, product launches, business gatherings and appointments.
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