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Classic photo of Edinburgh, classic image Edinburgh 0010ClockLeith mural on Great Junction St - local history project IMG0001JG20171105Advertising sign on Great Junction St Bridge IMG0001JG20171105Inverted tree reflection in the Water of Leith IMG0001JG20171105Flowers IMG0001JG20171105Pulled focus on Great Junction Street Bridge IMG0001JG20171105Pulled focus on the Water of Leith IMG0001JG20171105Great Junction St Bridge from the Water of Leith IMG0001JG20171105Water of Leith under Great Junction Street IMG0001JG20171105Autumn riverbanks on the Water of Leith IMG0001JG20171105Edinburgh nights IMG0010JG20171021Edinburgh nights IMG0009JG20171021Edinburgh nights IMG0008JG20171021Edinburgh nights IMG0007JG20171021Edinburgh nights IMG0006JG20171021Edinburgh nights IMG0005JG20171021Edinburgh nights IMG0004JG20171021Edinburgh nights IMG0003JG20171021Edinburgh nights IMG0002JG20171021Edinburgh nights IMG0001JG20171021

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