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Gingerbread House Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh - IMG-0101221-0001Royal Scots Memorial Princes Street Gardens - IMG-2010121-0001Red Phone Boxes Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Places of Interest - IMG-1012-0001Snow covered bike leaning against railingKing's Own Scottish Borderers Memorial - North Bridge - IMG-20101219-0001King's Own Scottish Borderers Memorial - North Bridge - IMG-20101219-0002Register House, Edinburgh - City Street Views - IMG-20101219-0018Calton Hill, Winter Snow Edinburgh - IMG-20101219-0016Archive photo of Edinburgh, archive image Edinburgh 0005Calton HillCalton Hill, Winter Snow Edinburgh - IMG-20101219-0012Calton Hill, Winter Snow Edinburgh - IMG-20101219-0001Queens Hall, Edinburgh City ArchitectureTakeaway Food Edinburgh, Cockburn Street - IMG-201011-0001Cobbled Lane, Edinburgh - City Night Scenes - IMG-20101128-0110The Best of 2010: In Pictures, Image-0017St. Andrews Square, Edinburgh - Winter Street Scene - IMG-20101128-0109Personal Photography Gallery ImagePersonal Photography Gallery ImagePrinces Mall to Mound, Edinburgh Architecture - IMG-20101024-0002Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh - Number One Princes Street - IMG-20101024-0005

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