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Edinburgh Photography Locations: The best photography locations in Edinburgh
An introduction into the best photo locations Edinburgh has to offer. Keep in mind that classic views are sometimes best seen from outside Edinburgh looking in.

If you're reading this then you’re probably going to come to the city with a view to creating vibrant photography from the classic views, famous landmarks & historical buildings of Edinburgh, which also happens to be my hometown. Attractions are plentiful and are well documented elsewhere so it’s easy to find plenty subject matter to suit your taste. Whether its buildings of historic interest or stimulating attractions one certainty is, the city won’t fall short of your expectations. Cobbled street views depict iconic settings so well. Traditional or contemporary, Edinburgh photo opportunities are in abundance, there is ample to see and do. Not forgetting the lively Christmas and New Year celebrations, note, a woolly hat and scarf is necessary essential in the photographer’s kit bag.

The city has it all and offers boundless photographic scenarios to get you inspired. What’s more, the surrounding coast and countryside of East, West and Midlothian are perfect for bracing beach walks and refreshing rambles along the Pentland Hills and country parks, truly inspiring photography locations.

My personal photo challenge is to depict all that is Edinburgh, I’m attempting to capture a comprehensive image collection that ranges from the finer detailed shots through to the wider perspective panoramic images; it’s all a work in progress.
Ref: Capital city of Scotland - Historic Old Town - Georgian New Town - The City of Edinburgh
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