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Culture: Society and The Social Side of Edinburgh
A city of literacy, knowledge & culture, Edinburgh, a captivating city with an intriguing history and bustling human activity. It’s more the social scene and the people side of things for here. That said the focus isn’t strictly centred on traditional Scottish culture in particular, just culture and civilization in general. Identifying more with the purpose of social activities included enjoyment, relaxation, stimulation, and belongingness.

In relation to culture, Edinburgh is a fine example when it comes to promoting the arts. The city hosts festivals all year round including:

Edinburgh's Summer Festivals
  • Edinburgh International Film Festival, Early Summer
  • Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival, Mid Summer
  • Edinburgh Art Festival, Late Summer
  • Royal Edinburgh Military, Late Summer
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Late Summer
  • Edinburgh International Book Festival, Late Summer
  • Edinburgh Mela Festival, Late Summer
Other festivals in Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh International Science Festival, Spring
  • Imaginate Festival May, Spring
  • International Storytelling Festival, Autumn
  • Edinburgh's Hogmanay, Winter
If you're photographing Edinburgh, to complement the festival why not take advantage of the many tourist attractions ranging from fine art galleries and theatres to the prestigious High Street that stretches from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyrood at the foot of the Royal Mile.
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