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Engagement photography Scotland: Photoshoots, engagement photography in Edinburgh and beyond.
Engagement photographer Edinburgh, engagement photographers in Scotland

It’s an unconditional privilege for any photographer to cover a couple’s engagement session, enjoy viewing a mixed portfolio by John Gilchrist.
During the sitting, I will above all capture candid and relaxed pictures of you and your chosen location, and a collection of formal portraits and conventional couple shots (if required) so that you can create a wonderful blend of memories to support your wedding album. These days most couples are looking for something much more natural and creative. I will still ensure I have some great portraits of the bride and groom to be enjoying their time together before their wedding, my aim is to produce photographs that act as a photographic narrative of timeless moment’s pre wedding, with candid images capturing the emotion, excitement and fun of anticipating the big day.

Sourcing Edinburgh locations and considering where you could have your pre wedding photographs taken should be fun not a dilemma. You’ve just got engaged to your amazing partner and want to get an engagement picture taken so just come up with a fitting setting that suits you both, Ideas for your pre wedding; Edinburgh has umpteen photography opportunities, so for starters you could choose the location you were proposed to or any romantic spot you both enjoy. There are no hard and fast rules; sometimes a more radical location will complement the couple.

What to wear?
Again, no harsh rules but try keeping it to 3 base colours between the both of you, no point in the two of you coming all mismatched. Just remember the engagement ring, the ring symbolises the event, it’s only fair we introduce it into the picture.

Pre-wedding eSession shoots
Book fun engagements sessions with John Gilchrist, Edinburgh photographers for pre wedding shoots, Engagement Photo Session Scotland. Pre wedding photo sessions and engagement photography in Edinburgh and beyond.

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