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Unofficial Use

In all but a few occasions permission for use of intellectual property is required, copyright protects photography work even when the image is published in the public domain, fact, unofficially using protected material is wrongful. An original photograph is fixed and recorded with copyright associated to that image at the moment of capture, automatic rights are assigned to the image author immediately at conception with no requirement to register the works. The image is protected whether a watermark or symbol are used or not.

Bottom line, if you didn't click the button to take the picture then you will need to contact the photographer and seek rightful permission to use that photo, it's that simple.

Infringements and Protected Works Violations

Simply put, violations are taken seriously, all my works are protected. I do not consider having my work on your site as promotion of my work. I consider it as additional worth to your site. For this, I would expect to be compensated. My work will improve your site by providing content that will draw more visitors. Is copyright infringement a crime, or a civil matter? ... What does your conscience tell you!

Assuming further visitors to your site increases income from that site, I deserve a piece of that pie. That is the business of photography.

So how do you get permission to use copyrighted works? As with all exclusive rights work, you should first obtain permission from the material owner before you use someone else's work.You should also be prepared to pay a fee, as many photographers will charge you for using their work.

Is copyright infringement a crime, or a civil matter? ... What does your conscience tell you!

  • You wouldn't steal a car
  • You wouldn't steal a handbag
  • You wouldn't steal a mobile phone

Watermarked Property

For good reason many images that are property of mine are watermarked, which politely suggests hands off those photos, violation and why watermark: Many of my images are watermarked, under copyrighted protection, why? Because substantial investment goes into photography productions and publications. Recovering that outlay helps ensure the publishing program can continue. People generally put a watermark on a picture to acknowledge the creator and because they don't want the images to be altered or used without permission. Graphic design, digital art, and photography are valuable skills and the artists should be recognised and compensated for their time and their work. If you want to use someone else's photos or images, it's only courteous to ask permission.

UK Copyright

For in-depth info the intellectual property office offer a comprehensive account of UK legislation and copyright related rights that's insightful to those people intending to use other peoples copyright protected works.

..."Unofficial Use of Photography material is stealing!" either within the UK or out-with the UK, it is always at least a civil matter, the means by which an owner of a copyright may file a civil suit, under the copyright act and under certain circumstances, it may also be a crime. A copyright infringement is subject to criminal prosecution if infringement is wilful and for purposes of commercial advantage or private financial gain.....


Intellectual property violation, please don't risk it, respect original rights and don't smash & grab. copyright infringement - photography with John Gilchrist