What is my definition of commercial photography?

Okay, as I see it, commercial photography explained. What it is, who uses it and why. CP is detailed creation designed for commercial intentions, such as on-line advertising, corporate reports, promotional material, food menus, etc. To keep it uncomplicated, commercial photography needs a client that wishes to publicise something for which they require images taken. Commercial photographs come into various categories: Images may be taken of services a business is trying to promote, such as hairdressing or a piece of specialised equipment that a business uses in production. Some businesses, like farmers or civil engineering firms, may need aerial photography to show their land or property from an interesting perspective.

Suitable photography will significantly improve the profile of your industry,

both to your clients and business partners equally.

Architectural photography, precision images may be required by a commercial builder or architect to convey building dimensions and structural detail. Photographs of food are all over the place from convenience food menus to adverts in cooking mags and there is no escape from fashion photography, which appears in the glossies, on billboards, on TV, and many other places. To offer more examples, a restaurant wishing to develop fantastic photographs to complement a menu of food offerings would involve the services of a commercial food photographer, to convey a good image it’s important that the image portrays the right sentiment for that food group. Property managers, estate agents would work with an architectural photographer for creating beautiful shots that serve their business needs.

That’s my account, please consult other sources; I define commercial photography as a creative photographic service sought and licensed for commercial use. Bottom line, it’s about conveying the right image to the right people.