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Purchase a Photographic Service

Business resource, flexible pre-payment and post-payment options with convenient service level choices.

  • Fast turnaround service
  • Special purchase order
  • Photo editing & restoration
  • CD/DVD Disc writing
  • Administration charges

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Digital Capture Fees

Commercial fees, photo pricing for digital capture & processing, packages offer an insight into pricing; each commission can vary in degree due the many factors contributing to the final price. In a nutshell, calculations are a combination of capture time, production time and image usage.

  • Basic rates
  • Standard rates
  • Extended rates
  • Premium rates

In addition we offer bespoke tailored packages

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Independent photographers

Bespoke photography solutions in Scotland. Would you like to receive a complimentary photography consultation from JGP, if so, please contact us now for free no obligation advice. You're in the frame, imaginative stylish contemporary photos. Business Support
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