Lions Haunch: Nether Hill Edinburgh | Photo art photography JG

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Hill in the shape of a crouching lionHunterOn the hunt, image John Gilchrist

Lion head

Lion's Haunch: Nether Hill Edinburgh | Photo art photography JG

Creative Edinburgh Photography

The view looking from the Pentlands to Arthur’s Seat

Low lying fog over Edinburgh, not enough fogginess to hide hills from view, just misty enough to make the landscape interesting. The head of the lion (Nether Hill) sits proudly above the murk, like a predator waiting to pounce on its unsuspecting prey.

Ref: Hill to hill fog, photo editor, painting effect, oil painting in Photoshop. Wee wanders around Edinburgh. Photography to photo art, not just weddings, image manipulation. Personal photography creating content for the blog, photo by John Gilchrist


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