Social distancing, Edinburgh city centre, how the streets could look during the coronavirus pandemic

March 23, 2020

Coronavirus pandemic lock-down Edinburgh Scotland Coronavirus diseaseCovid-19, the plan, reduce social interaction between people.

Covid-19 Physical Distancing

  • Documentary photography, street photography, Edinburgh location

The Government couldn’t be clearer, strict guidance now introduced to combat our public's lackadaisical approach to social distancing. Deserted streets and closed shops void of people is how it should/could look, not hordes of people crowding the scene on a sunny weekend. I hope people make a conscious effort to respect this worldwide disease epidemic situation we are in and start to toe the line.

Nationwide Shutdown

Government warnings, many people have been calling for lock-down, for some it's been a long time coming, for others it's been a bit of an issue to take on board. Hopefully the majority of UK citizens will comply, and the combined effort has the desired impact to reduce pressure on an already stretched NHS resource.

Stay safe, stay strong, please stop or slow down the spread of a contagious disease #waaitt

Image detail: Edinburgh High St, unoccupied, captured a while back


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