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Why is the Google Search Console URL inspection tool still unavailable?

Indexing requests are currently disabled!

Strange things happen leading up to the United States Presidential elections. It's been 1 month Google, what is happening inside Search Console? Controlling, has there been a tactical motive I ask myself. Weird how in 2020 webmasters / search engine optimisers inconveniently have the request indexing feature temporarily withdrawn. I wonder if there is a direct correlation with the disablement and US Election 2020? Conspiracy theorists may suggest Google have temporarily pulled the plug on purpose, wilfully rendering the service temporarily unavailable with intentions to bring it back on-line after the 2020 election results are confirmed. In doing such an act, I ask myself…

  • Are there any benefits in this action?
  • Who are the winners & losers, if any?
  • Could SEO's / Webmasters influence election outcomes?

Currently as of 14th October 2020,  if you ask Google to recrawl your URL’S or crawl your latest publications it can’t, or won't, which means priority indexing new content is left to more conventional methods for Google finding new information, normal methods mean slow indexing times.  I’ll be highly suspicious should this feature be turned back on after the 2020 US election result has been confirmed. With so much of the US election being fought online, it wouldn’t surprise me if the push feature stays offline until after the election results have been decided, that would make sense to me. However, Google developers would have you believe it’s temporarily down so they can address complaints and improve, change infrastructure. Personally, I’m not convinced, it sounds to convenient and contrived.

Google’s goal is to help people improve the visibility of their website on Google Search, bizarre how that wasn’t the case in the month leading up to the presidential election. The timing of Googles URL push services being supressed just isn’t sitting well with me, had it been any other to time I wouldn't have raised an eyebrow. 

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