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Who will be a suitable photographer to commission? Let me share your load, with so many photographers, where do you start. So you have found your ultimate venue, the perfect photographer should be an educated choice & compliment other decisions. Getting married in the perfect venue, say Edinburgh Castle or somewhere else in Scotland that’s just as romantic. What will your choice in wedding photographer be, surely you want it to be an educated choice. We have to consider that what’s best for client A might not be the best for client B. It may depend on what side of the fence your wallet is on! 

Pro photographers for wedding photography Group A - The Expert Photographer

Phenomenal results, name your price, enough said!

Intermediate photographers for wedding photography  Group B - High-end Photographer

Choosing a high-end pro, at this level the benefits of professional wedding photographers as a rule of thumb will turn out very good to outstanding results with little risk in nearly all situations and locations. When choosing this option the drawback is the heavy financial outlay, extremely expensive costs are not out of place, at times as much as 10% or more of the wedding budget will be absorbed in photography services. To top that, restrictive copyright/license terms on the photographs usually apply. Normally there are a limited number of photos provided. Suggested for weddings in tricky to photograph settings and appropriate for flush couples where money is not a major concern or for couples willing to put in a significant part of their wedding budget on photography.

Intermediate photographers for wedding photography Group B - Advanced Photographer

Choosing a middle of the road wedding photographers has an upside. The benefits here can be price and value, usually very reasonably priced. Admirable results in most conditions with a liberal license for all images and a generous number of photos provided. The drawback is the risk (no mistake and exclusion insurance in some instances) and cannot perform effectively in some conditions. Suggested for anyone on a budget, however couples have to be willing to accept a little risk in order to receive exceptional value.

Novice photographers for wedding photography Group C - The Novice to Intermediate Photographer

Choosing the beginner or novice photographers yields potential problems. The benefits here are that it is usually free with no restrictions on photos. The drawback is the significant risk involved, very much dependant on the particular skills/equipment of people taking the photos. This option suggested for anyone with a little or no budget for a wedding photographer, with snapshots from friends and family being the only source of material.