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Do skill or quality really matter? a frequently asked question.

photographers frequently asked questionQuestionWhat level is best for you?
A critical review implicating photography results at different levels, including the significant influences you can’t ignore!

  • Skill Level vs Associated Risks

Associated risks range from catastrophic to none, the skill level ranks from novice to highest level professional.

  • Associated Risks vs Risk Likelihood

As the risk likelihood increase from probable to none, the risk likelihood ranks from catastrophic to none.

  • Risk Likelihood vs Quality of Results

As quality of results increase from poor to excellent, it makes sense that the likelihood of risk ranks from probable to none.

  • Quality of Results vs Price

Poor to excellent, when quality of results increase for the better; we can now understand that this fee is associated with the outcome.

The pitfalls and highs

Why picking the perfect photographer to cover your wedding is paramount. The pitfalls and highs of weddings, choices, what's right when choosing photographers & where the wrong selection can lead you to. What's right for you won't be right for the next bride, so which direction, how do you go about choosing an appropriate photographer to cover your wedding? Should you be cherry picking or is it more about the bottom line and how much money you can save by disregarding the benefits of a competent photographer’s expertise.

Making that choice

Exactly how much should you be paying for the privilege for your photographer’s capability isn’t an easy choice for some brides. With a high dynamic range no wonder controversy shrouds a confused bridal party. With skill levels ranging from the accommodating novice to the extravagant ranks of the true professional, how does a bride decide for the right outcome? Whether you consider appointing a master of the arts or Uncle Bob you must ask yourself this, what’s the significance of the price difference stretched out over a lifetime of marriage? In twenty five years will you really look upon your wedding photos and remember you saved a few bob hiring Relative Robert and his new-fangled camera. Ask me at your silver wedding what your preferred photographer choice would have been now!

How will your photography choices affect you?

I have to make a critique in the nicest possible way, opting for the novice where the incompetence is astounding may be the only choice for some and likewise hiring master photographers at national level will be out of reach for so many. Realistically the majority of bride and grooms will be in the mid-range, this is where it becomes interesting and no doubt frustrating, so the challenge is on.

Today’s decisions are tomorrows truths, photography choices needn't be complicated but options do come in all shapes and sizes. Just remember the old adage, "good doesn't come cheap and cheap doesn't come good." So what does it all boil down to? Well, when it comes to choosing a photographer, there isn’t really any right or wrong, it’s more about expectations and the balance, trading value with results for a projected outcome. Your choices influence the final result, just be prudent and make decisions wisely, it’s your call! However, don't forget that a good camera does not make a good photographer. I'm sure enough people will continue to recognise this to keep photographers in business, at least for the immediate future.

There will always be amply wedding work for talented wedding photographers and the people who don t want to pay for their skills will get fuzzy photos, it’s that simple.

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