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Best photographers

Be as well-informed as you can be, here's a pragmatic look at skill sets that could help influence your final decision.


If you are looking to hire, then this is about trying to match-up a service that is best for YOU! Occasionally everyone needs a photographer; let’s take weddings as an example. Weddings are a mixed bag, sourcing the best photographers out there just means sourcing the wedding photography service that is right for you as a couple, your perfect photographer doesn’t necessarily have to produce the finest images but the service provider must deliver the goods and be your preferred choice for all the right reasons.

I suppose you can apply the reference table to most photography genres, just use the table subjectively!

How salty is too salty?

What’s too salty for some won’t be salty enough for others, aligning aspirations with expectations.

Matching performance alongside expectations and price is a starting point for choosing the best photographer, or at the very least, I hope it will offer some guidance that can point you in a positive direction for the best results. Like all aspects of life what’s good for one won’t be good for another, this is so true with wedding photography, a miss match of expectancies doesn’t benefit anyone.

Getting the balance right

Getting it spot on and choosing the right style of photographer for your Scottish wedding is different for every bride & groom; costs against final expectations play a key role. Maybe the above competency table will offer guidance to couples looking for a little more inside knowledge. Bottom line, try to match your needs with a photographer's strengths. I suppose who and what depends on when!

When you need quality, dig deep! When you want free, tread carefully!

For the best client photographer connection, look for suitable photographers that match well with your own style.


Are we attuned with each other? Compatible wedding photographers make the day a success. Budget aside, positive wedding photography is not just a one day relationship, it goes deeper. Evan before you draw a line under on your budget you should be thinking about your photographer’s personality. Being well matched goes a long way! After all we are going to be spending lots of time in each other’s company and that’s even before the wedding. Compatibility, photographer and client interactions are so important; that’s why we need to click from the start, you need to feel confident you have chosen wisely.

Hitting it off! The best attributes in any relationship is trust and connectivity. A wedding photographer and client relationship works best when you feel at ease and comfortable from the beginning, knowing your wedding photography is going to receive all the attention it deserves will give you peace of mind, leaving you free to concentrate attention on other aspects of the day.

Which photographer?

Where do you start, finding a suitable photographer needn’t be a daunting experience. I’m guessing most people will probably start to look in the middle, somewhere around the advanced level. I suppose it depends on the individual. To help steer you to an informed choice I offer a detailed "talent table for best photographers", use or discard as you wish.

Budget photographer?

For situations where there is no escaping budget restraint, finding a photographer in Scotland that won’t break the bank may be enough to do the trick. When needs must, a photographer at the lower end of the table will be an option.

Award winning photographers

Some people look for an award winning outcome, in which case a photographer located at the top of the table would be a fitting place to start.

use for referencing arguments or considerations "for or against" a particular choice of photographer.