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YES, let’s do business

Good timing, thank you for contacting us, yes, we would love to hear how your business proposition could benefit us both. We never like to turndown worthy opportunities and actively invite new offers.

Each year we receive numerous requests to consider new business services, essential services such as property development, web building/hosting, advertising, broadband and telephone tariff deals, fuel cards etc.

Telesales – manage the sales process; tell us about your products or services!

Schedule an appointment

If you are serious about your business then we are too, contact John Gilchrist immediately to book a listening session. We value your time so please value our time, listening sessions are available by the hour, purchasing a session is easy. Our non-refundable hourly rate is £95.00 per 1-hour session. If you think additional time is required, no problem, just book two or more sessions.

Drive Sales & Build Revenue

Your proposal will receive our full consideration. We can only reserve listening time to those who make a purchase and there is no guarantee that we will sign to your proposal.

Reference Code

After purchasing your 1-hr session, call us back with your receipt number and quote the reference code B2B-JGP

B2B Status

Currently, we are happy with all our services providers, however, if you think you have what it takes to be in our top 3% of telemarketing enquiries then we would love to listen to your proposition, reserve your session today! Book Now - Special Purchase Order/SPO-0095

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