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Night Vision (NV): Aircraft and airfield operations in low-light, darkness.
Night aviation photography UK, images by John Gilchrist
Dark Ops, when you need to see more, bring a night vision device.
Ref: NVD, NVG, Airport, airfield, night-vision
Av-21-020932-2Av-21-0208012Av-21-0208022Av-21-010713Av-20-1223155 Night VisionAv-20-121261-3 Night VisionAv-20-0328211 Night VisionAv-20-0327214 Night VisionAv-20-0327222 Night VisionAv-20-0114152 Night VisionAv-20-0112141 Night VisionAv-20-011264 Night VisionAv-20-011144 Night VisionAv-20-011140 Night VisionAv-19-122535 Night VisionAv-AVN0435 Night VisionAv-AVN0098 Night VisionAv-AVN0428 Night VisionAv-19-1111207 Night VisionAv-19-111102 Night Vision

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