Keep a timetable, or use a wedding timeline for real time scheduling

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It’s always time for a lovely wedding, from the moment you wake up let me know well in advance how your day is going to unfold. When scheduling an important event weddings rank highly and brides benefit unreservedly from timely preparations, yes, more than just a little forethought is required to style success and have your occasion pass off with minimal fuss.

Achieving good times are obvious and we all know where the bride wants to be, on schedule, but there are instances where getting there can be challenging. To make a general categorisation would be incorrect but you could say there are two types of brides when it comes to planning a wedding. There are brides that are organised and there are brides that just don't fall into that category, don’t be the later. Assuredly marking time months in advance is the way to go; far-sightedness is prudent in the lead to successful weddings. Please view the following timetable as a sort of time map that offers some notice and guidance and allows me as your wedding photographer to visualise how the day is shaped. On the flip-side the wedding day timetable will also offer valuable forward planning opportunities for brides themselves who want to manage their program with a little forethought in mind.








A simple useable timetable to help plan every stage of the day is useful when you want to establish the sequence of events. No excuses for falling behind schedule when a little forward thinking is introduced in the early stages of the planning phase. Your personal wedding day timespan, a specified period of time in which something extra special happens and is prearranged to take place on a day of your choosing. Stay organised by taking advantage of this simple time management tool.




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Organise Further Timeline Factors




Listed in no particular order on the timeline are some ideas to get you started, the guide is not exhaustive, you are welcome to embellish or detract and reorder as you wish. Some further ideas below may include, at what stage it all happens is all down how you plan your day.




preparation stage




bride's hair, bride's makeup, bridesmaids' hair, bridesmaids' makeup, transport arrives, transport leaves




ceremony - getting there




groom and groomsmen arrive, bride and bridesmaids arrive, ceremony begins, ceremony ends




moments in time - photography considerations




family photos, bridal party photos, first look photos








arrival time, receiving line, welcome toast, first course (starter) served, second course (main course) served, dessert & afters served




speeches & toasts




the bride's father speech, the bridegroom speech, the best man speech, the bride's speech, bride & groom speech, guest speakers




evening reception




band /dj/ disco set up, welcome toast (evening), first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, guests invited to dance, cake cutting, bouquet and garter tosses, evening buffet, farewell




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