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Looking towards the big day itself, you know, the wedding, that time between the engagement period finishing and the honeymoon period starting, usually marked with a kiss during the ceremony and captured by the official photographer who's there to document the proceedings.

Basically this page offers a general insight to other pages within the site, relevant references which you can choose to ignore, use or draw information as a source of inspiration or guiding hand. Access to the galleries and slideshows, check out some info or browse hundreds of pictures, * denotes some restriction to full access.

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Go to client access area to view the private wedding photo galleries.Client areaSome restricted access, private gallery area for wedding photos

The client galleries

Meet the brides and grooms, their story in pictures, enjoy a sneak peek of past weddings that we think you may like to visit. The client area holds proof files, final edits and a shortlist of image highlights.

* clientsweddinggallery

A photographic presentation to display a portfolio of engagement and pre-wedding images.eFolio slide showView the on-line portfolio slide show to see examples of previous work, engagement photography with John Gilchrist

Picture slideshow to showcase engagements & pre-wedding photography

There are several portfolios under the category of engagements, example images make their way here as and when time permits.

A photographic presentation to display a portfolio of wedding images.wFolio slide showsView the on-line portfolio slide show to see examples of previous work, wedding photography with John Gilchrist.

Picture slideshow to showcase real weddings

I have pleasure attending many Scottish weddings and when there is enough time it's always nice to update the slideshow with a selection of new images. Keep an eye out for updates, once I figure out how to add an extra couple of hours into each day that's when fresh content will be included on a more routine basis.

Scottish wedding venues photographed by location Where it's atCeremony and reception by location.

Wedding venue collection

See photos of weddings by wedding venues photographed.


Wedding shots that cover all of the detailsDetailsIt's all in the detail

Find photo examples in the wedding catalog of ideas

Anything that should or could be captured on your wedding day is here, locations of Scottish wedding venues, the detail shots, brides and men in kilts, plus lots more.


How much does the average wedding photographer cost in the UK?Pound signsMy wedding photography fees.

Affordable pricing for wedding photography

Plan to budget is always recommended, a detailed account of our pricing structure can be found on our packages page, and you are invited to check out wedding photography prices that cover Edinburgh, Scotland. Look for our updated brochure listings, available as a downloadable pdf document. 


Visit Scotland as a honeymoon destination. Honeymooning abroadUK visitors sometimes come to Scotland to get married.


A short introduction for couples thinking of Scotland as a choice location for getting married or spending their honeymoon. You may require a photographer, if so, John Gilchrist would love to be your point of contact when considering romantic getaways or w


Visit Scotland as a wedding destination. Lets get hitched in ScotlandUK visitors sometimes come to Scotland to get married.

Destination photography

Wedding destination photography. Scotland is that somewhere special to tie the knot, a beautiful place to get married. Aside from the small inconvenience of the Midgie and the Gadgie, there are no travel worries.


Find recommended Scottish photographers.Moving forwardAdvice on offer but you don’t have to take it, we recommend looking at this just for peace of mind.

So you're looking for a Scottish photographer, wedding guides and advice

Even before a wedding enquiry starts, some guides and basic advice can go a long way to ensure we get off on the best foot possible.


Pick the right photographerWhich photographer?Manage the risk of choosing a photographer

Help with choosing a wedding photographer

You may be interested in our reference table, a subjective aid offered to give some guidance for choosing your wedding photographer.


Recommended wedding service providers.Service providers We recommend you look at, well worth shortlisting.

Find third party wedding service providers

Ideas for additional services 



Treasure That Moment

Your special moment only exists because of the effort and hard work that comes from the preparations beforehand. Once you’ve done your bit, then it’s up to me to do mine.