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Showcasing wedding suppliers and local vendors serving Edinburgh, Scotland

Promoting wedding industry vendors gives Brides & Grooms some direction when planning their weddings

The suppliers business is geared around your wedding, setting the scene is important for that perfect day to run seamlessly. Be inspired and find ideas on elegant wedding decorations, accessories and favours. Create the perfect background for your wedding day. Here you can find contacts to local wedding vendors, services in and around Scotland. JGP will try to bring to you an essential combination of benefits that helps you plan and organise your wedding day. From dresses to cakes - see how much this could help you with this helpful article collection. ...A simple index of local wedding vendors and services. The links usually go to the vendor’s home page. From there you can view information on who they are and what facilities they offer... I hope the bridal links help your wedding ceremony and reception planning. Note: vendor services listed are responsible for their own websites and their own business practices.

A tailored directory by John Gilchrist Photography. It is not exhaustive; this directory provides a base for further information. Use the article links and select a topic of relevance. From our directory suppliers can be identified as potential areas of interest and seen as key players in the wedding industry. Furthermore, if we think it’s suitable, occasionally we will showcase what’s obtainable further afield, looking at what’s happening and available worldwide.

Suppliers in Scotland

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