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It certainly is a fine location, Scotland is the choice of many for getting married or planning a romantic honeymoon getaway, every year xxxx amount of happy couples decide to conduct their nuptials in the highlands, lowlands and everywhere in-between. If I were asked, where would I choose as a top location for getting married? Well being bias I reckon Scotland has to rank as one of the best locations ever, without doubt.

Scotland is that somewhere special to tie the knot, a beautiful place to get married.

Famous for its fresh water lochs and Scotch Whisky, Scotland has been a holiday hotspot for many years and has a strong standing as a preferred destination for couples from all over the world to get hitched or spend time on a relaxing honeymoon.  When a marriage is on the horizon tying the knot elsewhere just wouldn’t be Scottish. However, be aware that getting married can come with its own little inconveniences.

Getting Married

Thankfully and with a smile, getting married amidst some of the UK's most unforgettable & spectacular settings comes devoid of any travel concerns. Aside from the small inconvenience of the Midgie and the Gadgie there are no travel worries, I could mention the Feardie but there’s really no need as Feardie's are scarce, rarely spotted and usually in hiding, much like the Haggis they pose no risk.

There you have it, no dangerous beasties but it's maybe worth mentioning the Weegie! It’s many times bigger than a Midgie and just as nippy, if not nippier. Weegies are mainly found in the west, most say they come free from tropical diseases such as malaria & yellow fever but you can’t be too careful, advice, just go canny as the Weegie can be unpredictable. If you’re concerned, don’t be, the threat assessment isn’t that critical because oddly enough, it’s only the ones that are near toothless or without teeth that are worth the watching. In general, Weegies are great fun to be around and without a shadow of doubt offer great company.

Maybe sensible just getting married in Edinburgh.

When it comes to stunning views and general cultural diversity Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities on this Earth, the jewel in Scotland's crown, a tired account by all means but as a clichéd and conventional statement that fact holds true none the less. It’s also worth noting that the "burgh" receives less rain than neighbouring cities. Just saying, the weather always plays a significant role so thought it worth mentioning.

Humour aside, Scotland's beautiful backdrops and historic past add to your sense of adventure. The bottom line, you’ll be better off, as you will see, there are several good reasons as a couple you should consider holding your wedding ceremony here.

Destination Scotland

Live and love Scotland, It’s certainly the place for me and I’m sure it will be the choice of honeymoon or wedding destination for you, come let your passion live, let your passion out.

Good reasons are in abundance, Scotland's certainly worth serious consideration. I could go on and on but I’ll start with the friendly people and the Scottish sense of humour, from the onset a sincere friendliness welcomes you, the hospitality of the Scots people is famous and renowned the world over, the kilts and bagpipes speak volumes and the culture with its long established traditions of song and dance is a cherished and extraordinary experience.

Quite simply, there are no residency requirements. It doesn’t matter who you are, when or where you arrive from, you can get married in Scotland regardless. After 24hrs of your arrival you can get married anywhere, the choice is yours; you are literally spoilt for choice, its overwhelming the wedding venues and options that are open to you.
The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

For most people getting married is undoubtedly the best life decision they will ever make. Bringing two worlds into one perspective, realising that they have responsibilities more important than the individual persons that they are, that is the marriage and there's true contentment that can come from working towards that. Making that decision and starting that journey together in Scotland just takes it to another level.

Persuaded, all you have to do is get here now and find that perfect castle. So, how are you thinking of getting here. Well, with Edinburgh International Airport and other regional airports at hand getting here isn't an issue, you can be in close proximity of your select wedding venue from the beginning.

Honeymoon & Wedding Destination Photography

Hopefully you have enjoyed this short introduction, couples thinking of Scotland as a choice location for getting married or spending their honeymoon may require a photographer, if so John Gilchrist would love to be your point of contact when considering romantic getaways or wedding photography options.

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