Jumping for joy at the weddingBride and BridesmaidsWedding in Scotland, happy days at a Scottish castle in the Borders.

Have you recently attended one of the weddings we have photographed?

Visit the client gallery area for wedding photo access, recent weddings are documented there, if you have attended a wedding then please consult with the bride and groom, they have chosen to have the client area reserved private. On viewing the gallery you will find that happy couple souvenirs never looked so good and with stylish framing options available why not buy prints of the bride & groom enjoying their big day. Optional framing, and wall decoration options come in all shapes, and sizes, decorative wedding photography made easy for your convenience.

Making a purchase

Buy prints and have quality images framed or set on canvas for that stylish finish. As well as remembering those unique wedding day moments. You are invited to leave comments, gallery options include guestbook pages to pass comment.

Tel 07718906614 for wedding photography enquires, getting married in the United Kingdom, catching the moment is Scotland's dynamic photographer John Gilchrist

Real People

It's all about real people and understanding our clients, acknowledging our customers and ensuring customer focused outcomes are achieved. We listen to what our clients tell us. Where they want to be photographed, what their expectations are, how they want to engage with us during the day. In return we’ll give our clients the attention to detail we need to return beautiful images.

This site exhibits the work from many of the wonderful weddings I am privileged to photograph, my opportunity to reveal some magical moments to existing and potential clients lies here within this site. Everyone is invited to explore my photography; hopefully, you will discover inspiring ideas, recommendations, and guidance for your own wedding planning. I myself got married several years ago when the realm of digital photography was still in its infancy. I recall how intense it all was, especially picking the right photographer for our event! :-)

Booking is recommended as early as possible, contact John Gilchrist for details on

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  • Venue location
  • Guest numbers

With the best intentions

My intention is to be as transparent as possible. I'm a firm believer that not many really read the blurb and everyone is just interested in looking at the pictures. Nevertheless, you are invited to dig and delve a bit deeper using my blatant application of overused and attention grabbing buzzwords that I shamelessly exploit in SEO tactics. (just being honest, no point in beating around the bush or disguising what is clearly obvious. I'd rather be known for what I'm for)

Professional wedding photography by John Gilchrist