B&W photo collection by JG, an alternative to colour, images in b&w provide a monochrome illustration of a colourless life, a life where the absence of all colour makes the picture. A limited and restricted image collection, colouring has no influence.
#noir #blanc #monotone #whiteonblack #blackonwhite #absenceofcolour
Edinburgh Sightseeing Tour IMG0021JG20170818NCB, Cobble Silhouette One, Lady Victoria Colliery, Newtongrange | National Mining Museum Scotland | Midlothian Locationscorkscrew alton towersPersonal photo gallery by Edinburgh based photographer photos of Summer Rain in Midlothian20111008-0002 Horse at Stable DoorBaby bump photo shoot | Maternity photo shoot | D262Y11V1-0011Baby bump photo shoot | Maternity photo shoot | D262Y11V1-0006Baby bump photo shoot | Maternity photo shoot | D262Y11V1-0002Express Corridor RouteWaiting for the Ship to Come InMidlothian photo | Featured image of Midlothian | D43Y11-castle doorSnow covered bike leaning against railingForth Bridges, Edinburgh Structures Bridges - IMG-101024i1National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, Buildings - IMG-20100307-0004Engagement photography in Scotland with UK based pre-wedding photographer Edinburgh photo John Gilchrist UK20091021-000120090726-0007 Portobello Edinburgh

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