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Your reception entertainment is just as important as the day’s more official proceedings. and the right entertainment at weddings can make all the difference. Make a sound booking, and keep in mind how you would feel if inadequate entertainment didn’t quite hit the mark.
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When hiring a Disk Jockey for the evening, you should look for someone who will connect with your guests and pace out a fun, enjoyable evening. A leading mobile disco can make all the difference

The venue setting and timings are all relevant factors; your entertainer should always take this into account. Professional grade equipment, good directorial skills, vocal aptitude as a master of ceremonies, mixing skills and quality lighting should all be part of the hire package. The role of selecting and playing recorded music for a planned audience is the same for every DJ disc jockey. The particular music, the guests, the setting, the favoured medium, and the level of complexity of sound management are factors that set DJs apart.
Enjoy your disco. DJ - It’s all in the timing!

It has to be expected that DJ’s have or can produce fitting material, but it is how they exercise their skills that matters. Keeping a wide range of age groups engaged all at once commands good judgement. While tastes in music will differ, there are interactive dances that everyone can enjoy collectively.
DJs, Lights, Camera Action

Disco lighting can add that X factor to any space. The correct lighting can transform a stylish dining area into a hip disco nightspot atmosphere in which your guests can really start to get mobile and loose their inhibitions.
Have a great night.

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