Green living photo collection by JG, life on a greener planet.
Burning Leaves - After the Curfew IMG0007JG20171007Where the Wild Mushrooms Grow20130709-0002 Berry Picking, (hand-picked berries) Image-000220120112-0046 Pheasant & Game ShootingClocks - Make a WishSprawling Tree RootsGreen Shoots Popping UpDroplets of rain water on wet leavesDroplets of Rain on GrassDaffodils in BloomTree moss growing on the branch of a treePhotos of the City of Edinburgh and image galley of Edinburgh photography collections 0204FloooooooooowerWhite Waterlily - Nymphaea AlbaPhotographer taking picture of water flowers.Personal photo gallery by Edinburgh based photographer photos of Royal Botanic GardenLooks like Poppies in a Poppy Patch20100501-0001 Nescio quidDalkeith Country Park Snow, Image-100106-000920091007-0008-Kirkliston, Pike's Pool

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