Silhouettes photo collection by JG, shapes shadows and anything with a defined outline or dark profile line against a lighter background / foreground, shade darkness eclipse silhouette
Photo memories from Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Florida-0114-20151128Industrial Location in Silhouette IMG-20141202-0001Steel Chamber - SilhouetteImage 2, style 1, Lady Victoria Colliery, Newtongrange | National Mining Museum Scotland | Midlothian LocationsSwinging Through The Tree TopsPersonal photo gallery by Edinburgh based photographer photos of Alton Towers ResortWaiting for the Ship to Come InWaiting for the Ship to Come InPorcelain Couple - Silhouette IMG-0001Porcelain Couple - Silhouette IMG-0002Late Night Shoppers, Edinburgh City Scenes - IMG-1005-0001Edinburgh Castle Burners, Edinburgh Architecure, Castles - IMG-20100522-0070Scott Monument, City Skyline Scenes - IMG-20100522-0009Aircraft

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