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Designing Top Wedding Table Layouts With Classic Features

Designing the way your room will look is one of the delights of table wedding planning.

Table Decor, its more than just a centrepieces

The little touches really make a wedding memorable. Having beautiful decorations can help make your day that extra bit special for you and your guests. There is a lot of scope for creativity in top table management. The room is your theatre and the table your stage. Your chance to tell a story using candles, sculpture, musical instruments or ...any items that have meaning for you. You can express a theme for the reception using traditional decorations or your favourite pieces of memorabilia.

The appropriate decoration for your big day can turn basic function suite furniture into an essential part of the interior decoration, generating a beautiful scene for the reception and set off the happy ever after look. An attractive centrepiece or wisely draped lengths of fabric can convert a room instantly. For an amusing touch, have dishes of fortune cookies on all the tables or go for a floral affect, having bowls filled with floating lotus flowers is also worth considering even simple fresh flower arrangement looks great. For an extraordinary top embellishment why not have a spectacular ice sculpture as the centrepiece on the head bridal table. A romantic shaped design or personalised figurines would be suitable choices. There are numerous wedding venues in the city to decide from ranging from the magnificent Castle, overlooking the whole city to vaulted cellars under the historic Royal Mile.

More Table Decoration Ideas - get it all looking just right from top to bottom.

Along with a centre piece, you may like to consider other elements you can use to decorate your tables. For the Best Table Management You can select decorative items such as:


beads, jewels and embroidery


silk flower petals or ivy

chair covers and sashes

confetti in an variety of shapes

napkin rings

Decorations to top it all, don't forget the all important additional wedding photographers: An inexpensive digital or single use camera on each table to supplement your official photographs, catch the action first hand, those natural close group shots will add an extra dimension to you wedding photograph collection. The choices are endless, but it does not stop there, other elements to consider are...

Top Table, shapes and arrangement

The shape and arrangement of tables is not an obvious factor at first thought but is a commanding decorative element in itself. Cloths and covers, traditional white tablecloths are the most familiar choice for weddings, but they are also the most expected. Use additional ideas for unique tablecloths to add flair and character to the decorations.

The all-important place settings, Table Place Cards - The discerning bride will know that the best place cards are both stylish and practical. Not only do they add a decorative element to your reception tables, but they also serve as a seating guide for your guests. Whether it's an stamped name tag, a personalised photo card, or plain table number, place cards will help add to the overall look of your table. Remember to co-ordinate colours of tableware, napkins, tablecloths, and other items for that harmonized, professional look.

Room and lighting, the light condition and the reflection factors of room surfaces influence the size impression of a room and its contents. Consider the impact that lighting can have on your wedding table decorations. Your intention is maybe to create a warm ambient light with candles on your table. On the other hand, you might also like to position the lighting in your setting to shine over your wedding table decorations and draw more attention to them.

You can now appreciate everything you need to change your venue from an ordinary room into a special venue for you and your guests. Be sure to give it the attention it deserves. Edinburgh boasts some exceptional weddings venues, with a little care and preparation; it is easy to include many table-decorating ideas for a wedding that can produce a stunning setting for wonderful wedding photographs.

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