Couple celebrate their wedding anniversary Happy AnniversaryFive years married today, congratulations to both of you. Emma & Aurelien were married in Cringletie House and now celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary. Congratulations!

How pleased was I to open my inbox today to find reference to a special couples wedding back in spring 2011.

Hi John, Emma and Aurelien here. We are celebrating our 5th Wedding Anniversary and we were wondering how you were doing. We were reminiscing as to how we love your photos from our wedding and what a good job you did. We are now living in California and have two girls. Elise our flower girl and Maxine. Hope you are happy and well! Emma & Aurelien x

Emma you have a knack of saying all the right things, thank you, so glad to learn that you are all doing well. Thanks for getting in touch, drop me a line any time!

Wedding in Cramond, Edinburgh

Emma & Aurelien, you're both welcome

Thank you for the kind words, JG

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