Keep Calm and Let’s Do Business

March 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When you just don’t need the hassle of responding to all those uninvited calls. KeepCalmLetsDoBusinessLet's do it My answer isn’t fool proof but it does make me smile. I always answer with a keen listening ear, I respond intently then inform the caller that I’m driving and invite them to schedule an appointment through my business to business page.

They sound enthralled, I hang-up with a smile, then save the number to my contact list under A B2B Nuisance Caller. I have umpteen telephone numbers associated with this contact, anytime I receive a return call I either ignore the call or if I’m feeling devilish I answer and ask how they found the business-to-business page, it makes me smile.

Check out my page at “Keep Calm and Let’s Do Business


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