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Used film ticket receipt for T2 Trainspotting in Edinburgh - D36Y17Vol1P1dUsed film ticket receipt for T2 Trainspotting in Edinburgh - D36Y17Vol1P1dEdinburgh Odeon Cinema screening of T2 Trainspotting

Choose Life, Choose The Movie, Choose Edinburgh T2 Trainspotting

My T2 Movie Review

Time for another score, 20 years on

Comical, touching, creative and visually exciting, it ticked all the boxes on my expectation list. My wife and I headed out last night to watch Danny Boyles sequel to the 1990's Tainspotting film. Here re my thoughts!

  • Choose big screen
  • Choose a midweek viewing
  • Choose a weekend showing
  • Choose sooner rather than later
  • Choose a workday, school day, plan a day off or just think fu*k it, I'll take a dive
  • Choose not to be that miserable b*st*rd who waits till the hype dies down and gets a free viewing years down the line
  • Choose not to go, and regret missing a sequel that’s every bit as good if not better than the original
  • Choose watching the film before reading reviews
  • Choose to put down the remote, not to stay at home watching Amazon Prime, Netflix and more mind-numbing Superhero pish!
  • And get here anyway you can, cadge a lift, get a train just choose to watch T2 Trainspotting in Edinburgh
  • Choose to go in a crowd, as a couple, with the girls, with the boys or go it alone and be that sad c*** at the back wishing you had a burd.
  • You want to watch, so get watching
  • Open your eyes and mind to a drug-fuelled cult classic

A million little pieces will never be enough

Fav soundtrack from the film, High Contrast - Shotgun Mouthwash

Ewan McGregor as Mark Renton, Ewen Bremner as Spud, Jonny Lee Miller as Sick Boy, Robert Carlyle as Begbie

Danny Boyle

official traller


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