Engagement Ring Choices & Stunning Wedding Rings to Match

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Engagement photography at Vogrie Country Park, Edinburgh pre-wedding photographer John Gilchrist D315Y14P56Vogrie Country Park Midlothian EH23 | E-Session-D315Y14P56E-SHOOTS: Vogrie Country Park in Midlothian EH23, UK Engagement session, e-shoot with Stephanie & Lee VogriePark | PreWeddingHighlights | E-Session-D315Y14P56 Engagement Ring Choices & Stunning Wedding Rings to Match

Which engagement ring to purchase, if you're planning a wedding in Edinburgh, the very first choices most couples make involving a wedding is ring choice, diamond engagement rings are symbolic.

If you're planning a wedding in or around Edinburgh, you'll be happy to learn that one of your most important tasks should be easier than you expect - choosing a venue in this region ought to be a piece of cake! Of course, you'll still need to find a venue that fits your budget, and appeals to both you and your future spouse. But the bottom line is, event locations and scenic destinations in the Edinburgh area are gorgeous and plentiful. From beautiful Melville castle outside of Edinburgh, to picturesque estates like Prestonfield House, to a host of other castles, hotels, and unique venues, you're sure to find something perfect.

Other choices you'll have to make in planning your wedding are a bit more difficult, as there aren't always so many wonderful choices laid out before you! For example, consider one of the very first choices most couples make involving a wedding: which engagement ring to purchase. Granted, this happens well before the wedding, but it is also the symbolic ornament that kicks everything off, and it's a purchase you'll need to be satisfied with for the rest of your life!

Engagement Ring Choices
Picking the right engagement ring is always a difficult choice. But to help make it a bit easier as you set about planning your wedding, here are 5 popular trends in engagement ring style. Fancy Diamonds - No, these aren't just fancy versions of regular diamonds. Rather, "fancy diamonds" are those with natural colour so clear it shows itself off to the naked eye. Most diamonds have traces of colour that can't be detected, but fancy diamonds - trendy choices in engagement rings - are as vibrant as gemstones

  • Gemstones - Speaking of gemstones, they too have been trendy in engagement rings, ever since Prince William gave Kate Middleton an ornate sapphire (the same worn by Princess Diana) for an engagement ring. It's a bold option, but a coloured stone is certainly a popular alternative.
  • Eternity Rings - Prominently featured at Desirable Diamonds online finest diamond jewellery at Desirable Diamonds (finest diamond jewellery at Desirable Diamonds), eternity rings are often meant for anniversaries or special commemorations. However, they also make wonderful alternatives to traditional engagement rings. Their rings of small diamonds are meant to symbolize eternal love, so the meaning works beautifully for engagement.
  • Halo Settings - Halo settings are simply rings in which the stone is encased in a circular setting. In particularly ornate examples, these settings themselves are lined with tiny diamonds. Overall, it's a slightly vintage look, and one that's very trendy in recent years.
  • Trinity Rings - Somewhat similar to eternity rings in symbolism, trinity rings feature three diamonds - one central stone, typically larger than the two flanking it on either side. The idea is for the three diamonds to represent the past, present and future of a relationship, and the rings are gorgeous as engagement pieces.

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