Glasgow city centre for one night only

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One night visit to Scotland's largest city. Hello Glasgow, Please to meet you Glasgow, hope you remember my name, the pleasure was all mine, another time maybe! I had the pleasure of getting to know the City of Glasgow for one night only.

It had its up’ and it had its downs. As celebrations go, it turned out a great night even though the centre of attention couldn’t physically make it there herself. Anyhow’s, in Cath’s absence, us east coasters were up for the celebration regardless, so congratulations Cath, way-to-go, enjoy the promotion! We enjoyed celebrating it for you.

Thanks for the night Glasgow

It was nice to get a flavour for the city; one night was never going to cut it, I might get closer to the prize next time! John Gilchrist

Well Glasgow, what can I say, thanks for the night, the evening started off bonkers, sorry Bunkers and just got better from there on in. We all descended on the Bunker Bar & Restaurant, fab place in central Glasgow for fine food and plenty of cheer. Getting the chance to catch up with past colleagues and meeting new talent coming up through the ranks was a happy occasion, welcome to the club boys.

It’s getting late its getting dark

Movin’ on up movin’ on out, darkness was upon us, where did the day go? Merchants Bar was a turning point, you’ve gotta appreciate an environment where you can just chillax without having to compete with loud music. As much as I love heavy beats they do have a time and place, talking over noise is the ultimate conversation killer. Moving on now, kicking out time seen us a bit lost for direction. The Box Bar on Glasgow’s Sauchiehall St seen me out and was the final and only occasion I managed an phone shot of local band playing live and doing a few sets, so imagine how disappointed I was to find that image didn’t record well, ah well! 

If it’s too loud you’re too old, as the night progressed so did the music, getting louder, getting out. An early start coupled with a late night was taking its toll, burnt out and time to crash. In the chill of the night, it was time to head. Thankfully, accommodation wasn’t too far to hand, just turn left at Dunes was the last thing I remember, thank goodness for good directions, ;-).

Okay, so the hotel wasn’t as upbeat and classy as the Carlton hotel in Edinburgh but hey-ho it was a head down for the night. Talk about small rooms, with no room to swing a cat or change your mind you really would only want to do one night in that hotel, cheap and cheerful but at a price you can’t really complain about.


Please to meet you Glasgow, hope you remember my name, another time maybe.

Robbed in Glasgow

Gutted that I never got my shot, I feel totally robbed! I was all set to get a few good pics. Note to self, plan a more structured day next time. Wakening up with a head like pancake batter was a poor way to start the day, no chance was I going to get anything photographically worthwhile in-camera, cameras just stayed in their bags, a full Scottish breakfast at Jacksons Bar on Cambridge St was the way to go. Next time I’ll nail that picture Glasgow, next time!

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