Bellarose live music event at The Mash House

February 19, 2016  •  9 Comments

Edinburgh rock band playing live at the Mash House music venue.Mashing it upBellarose band playing live to a packed venue at The Mash House on February 19, 2016

GIDGIG music review

Bellarose an Edinburgh based band rock the Mash House in Edinburgh with a gritty debut performance.

Their first appearance wowed a packed venue with their opening rock anthem, a cover track of Royal Blood - Ten Tonne Skeleton. It didn’t take long for teen-shenanigans to kick-off, fans took to the floor with zealous approval. Lively appreciation continued through the seven-track set with cheers and shouts for a much-wanted encore. To appease the crowd band members managed to sneak in a eighth number before venue organisers called time and pulled the plug.


Covers: Jimmy Eat World - The Middle, The Strokes - You only live once

Songs: 1.Here's to a little heartache 2.Changing ways 3.Endless days 4.Lost for a while

Gig summary

Marks out of 10 - 9/10

Point deducted for disturbing facial expressions!

Overall, a rousing and uplifting experience, with ticket sales higher than expected, Bellarose hooked top spot and pulled out all the stops and didn’t fall short of making the evening a successes. The four-piece band hit the ground rockin' and upped their game for the night, exceeded expectations with an incredible performance.

Big thanks to all the support bands who could make it on the evening, Living In Lies | Young Faults | AVU | Whitehill Grove


Background information

Origin Edinburgh, Scotland

Genres Rock

 Active 2014-Present

Labels Awaiting offers


Band members Vocals/Guitar: Aaron McCall | Guitar: Carron Miller | Bass: Kieran Fergusson | Drums: Jack Gilchrist

Credits: The Mash House | What’s the Noise Promotions  | G


Scott F(non-registered)
An great atmosphere and a brilliant night! It's amazing to think that this was the first gig Bellarose had performed - to carry it off they way they did as Headliners for the night was incredible!

The photographs totally capture the energy and atmosphere of the gig! A huge thanks to John for making them available for us.

A fantastic cover of Ten Tonne Skeleton by Royal Blood kicked off their set and grabbed the audience from the start. Bellarose kept that momentum going with four original songs and two additional covers and the crowd rewarded them with calls for an encore.

Ten Tonne Skeleton, Here's to a Little Heartache, Endless Days, Lost for a While and The Middle were particular crowd favourites.

Can't wait to see them again at Cabaret Voltaire at the end of March!
Was so impressed with Bellarose on their first gig , was a great atmosphere in the Mash House and the response from the audience was amazing! Looking forward to the next gig .
John Gilchrist
Hello music fans!

To all bands, images captured last Friday evening at the Mash House in Edinburgh are now available for download!

72 Hours Left to Download!

Download Password: Ask a Bellarose band member!

The album will be open over the weekend for you to obtain any image you wish to download and use for personal use, make prints etc or use in your blog or social media channels. Please give me the courtesy of a feedback link when using the images anywhere on-line.

I would like to personally thank all who took the time and effort to comment about the bands performance. We all had a great time, I’m sure the band members appreciated the feedback. If anyone still wishes to leave a token remark, reference can still made, just comment on this blog. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to capture future events.

Cheers for now.

Emma Y(non-registered)
Bellarose you killed iiiiit! Honestly a fantastic gig, they did so well despite the slight panic of finding out they were headlining half an hour before soundcheck. Definitely a band to watch in the underground music scene - one of the best local indie rock bands
Susan McC(non-registered)
My favourite tracks of the night were Royal Blood Ten Tonne Skeleton and 2 originals Here's the Little Heartache and Lost For a While.
The atmosphere was amazing with so much support from the crowd. Many friends turned up and showed genuine love and encouragement for the band knowing how nervous they were with it being their first gig. The pressure was on realising on the night that they were now the Headline Band but you did not disappoint. smashed it!!! :D
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