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Welcome to J's photoblog, explore, view my photographs and read some of the info that complements my privileged presence at some of the wonderful weddings and commercial projects I attend in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland, from the Northerly regions down to the Scottish Borders commissions can vary in degree from small conference events to those memorable grand weddings. 

Due to the nature of blogging, inevitably personal photo creations end up here too, enjoy. So, make a brew, then sit yersel doon an hae a deek...

Hanging out upside down with friends

Loop De Loop, The Smiler Roller Coaster at Alton Towers Resort - Image-201307080002Loop De Loop, The Smiler Roller Coaster at Alton Towers Resort - Image-201307080002Speeding cars go loopdeloop on the steal roller coaster at Alton Towers Resort

Get out there, hanging out upside down with friends on The Smiler Rollercoaster at Alton Towers Resort. When all the joy inside you gets turned on its head.

Fun & Frolics in the Snow

Young girls in the snow at nightIt's SnowingYippee, there's snow falling, time to get the warm jackets on.

For goodness sake, it’s Scotland, you’d think we’d never seen snow before! LOL, go for it girls.

Nothing tastes better than bursting open a haggis supper on Burns night.

Haggis dinner on the table at a Burns supperWhere are the legs?Burst open, the haggis is addressed at a Burns supper.

It’s Burns night, with a wee dram or two on the table, this is the way to go! I hope you got yours.


Your Scottish wedding photographer for 2018-2019

Wedding photography 2018 2019Enquire now for 2018 / 2019Photographers for the Edinburgh area, weddings in Scotland Hello from JGP, my curiosity about this world lies within social photography, to find, to capture and secure the shot that I want, so we can all treasure it forever. To grab the spark in a special moment, an event or special loved one so we can always hold, cherish & share a lifetime of memories.
I'd love to be of assistance, what can I do for you?


You're in the frame, documenting special events is what we do! JGP for fresh, creative and artistic photography. 

John Gilchrist, SWPE, SWPM, SWPS, SWPUK

Happy New Year: Wishing Everyone Good Light for 2018

Wishing everyone good light for 2018Happy New YearHappy New Year: I hope you have a great one, wishing everyone good light for 2018, all the best from John Gilchrist Photography.

Happy New Year: I hope you have a great one, wishing everyone good light for 2018, all thew best from John Gilchrist Photography.

Landing lights on the runway strip at Edinburgh Airport

Airport runway lightsRunway lighting at Edinburgh AirportAirfield ground lighting on runway 24, supplementary lighting and threshold greens in colour.

Blurred Approach

Airfield ground lighting on runway 24, supplementary lighting and threshold greens in colour.

You had to be there, shot as darkness was closing in over the airfield! The last of the daylight was disappearing fast.

Shot details in brief

One of those occasions when the best camera there is is the camera in your trouser pocket, on this occasion it was my camera phone. The iPhone can be a good alternative for those impromptu moments.

 In-post, basic iphone filter added in smart phone

Edinburgh Castle Gatehouse - Edinburgh AfterDark

Orange façade of Edinburgh Castle entrance at nightOrange façade – Edinburgh Castle entrance at night IMG0001JG20171215Night shot of the drawbridge entrance at the Gatehouse of Edinburgh Castle

As Scottish castles go, Edinburgh Castle ranks as the most popular paid-for tourist attraction and is no doubt on most visitors to photograph list, as a dominant feature in the hearty of the city Edinburgh’s most iconic castle must see thousands if not millions of visitors throughout the year.

The Balmoral Edinburgh gets a Christmas Makeover - Tiz the Season

Wrapped up in Christmas lights, The Balmoral Hotel, EdinburghWrapped up in Christmas lights, The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh IMG0001JG20171213Tiz the season to brighten things up, The Balmoral, Edinburgh lit with Christmas lights

Wrapped up in lights, sparkle, sparkle, looking good The Balmoral is dressed up in its Christmas attire, the sparkly makeover, Edinburgh hotels dressed up for Christmas.

Industrial photographer in Scotland - Edinburgh St James

Industrial photographer ScotlandConstruction projects in ScotlandSt James is one of the largest regeneration projects in the UK, TH Real Estate, image by John Gilchrist.

Commissioned work covering the work in progress, regeneration project in Edinburgh, construction and site update brief for developers at Edinburgh St James.

The Choice - We Chose Edinburgh

Daniel in Edinburgh - John Gilchrist Photography IMG0011JG20171127Daniel in Edinburgh - John Gilchrist Photography IMG0011JG20171127Visit to Edinburgh in November

The Coolest Couple on The Hill

Couples shot on cold crisp November morning on Calton Hill Edinburgh

Stylish, how cool are this couple! It warms my heart when I see a happy couple visiting my hometown! Welcome to Scotland Daniel, I hope you enjoy all that Edinburgh has to offer, enjoy! Thanks for being such good sports.

Shot details in brief

Whilst working the area enjoying a stroll on Edinburgh’s Calton Hill it looked like Daniel was enjoying the views that Edinburgh had to offer. With camera in-hand, I just had to offer my services. The couple looked so happy and were obviously enjoying the stunning views over to Arthurs Seat, with the National monument behind them I had my perfect shot.

In-post, filter added during post-production.

Descending light trails at Edinburgh’s Christmas Festival

Star Flyer and Scott Monument at Edinburgh's ChristmasStar Flyer and Scott MonumentLong exposure photography at the Edinburgh Christmas festival.

Descending light trails spiral down at Edinburgh’s Christmas Festival, long exposure photography at night in central Edinburgh over the festive period.

UFO Sighting, Flying Saucer over Livingstone in Scotland

UFO spotted over LivingstoneUFO spotted over LivingstoneFlying saucer in Scotland

UFO's, unidentified flying objects always cause a stir; here we have a confirmed sighting of a flying saucer over Livingstone in Scotland. A well-documented sighting, this clear image defines the saucer hovering above at close range. It’s not the first time extra-terrestrial spacecraft have been spotted over Livingstone. Mysterious lights in Scotland’s skies caught on camera, UFO sighting confirmed.

Midlothian Schools' Festival of Music performance at the Usher Hall, Edinburgh

Midlothian-Schools-Festival-of-Music IMG0295JG20171124Midlothian-Schools-Festival-of-Music IMG0295JG20171124Musicians from Midlothian Schools on stage after performing their Festival of Music, the finale was fitting end to an outstanding occasion.

It was my privilege to experience the talent of so many musically talented schoolchildren at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall; an outstanding performance was put before parents, teachers and guests at the Midlothian Schools Festival of Music 2017 concert. Congratulations, hats off to all involved, an enjoyable evening’s entertainment in the heart of the city.

Leith Mural - street artwork the size of a house

Leith mural on Great Junction St - local history project IMG0001JG20171105Leith mural on Great Junction St - local history project IMG0001JG20171105Local history project depicted on a wall mural the size of a house.

Leith is one of those areas with so much going on; this vibrant wall mural can be seen on Great Junction Street in Leith. This is an abstract of the mural depicting local history.

Opium Edinburgh, alternative nightclub in Edinburgh’s Cowgate

The overseer stands and watches behind the curtainThe WatcherCurtain-twitcher peers out the window behind the curtains.

I'm watching you, image John Gilchrist

Alternative nights out in Edinburgh, the dark hours

Silent watcher oversees late night clubbers and street goings on outside nightclub in Edinburgh’s Cowgate.

Shot details in brief

The location is set in the Cowgate area of Edinburgh, Scotland. A late evening post gig shot, I had to go hand held with this one, we had just left the establishment next door where my sons band were gigging. As we headed of into the dark of night that eerie feeling of being watched swept over me. On looking up there was an ominous dark figure lurking in the shadows of the curtain. I just had to get a shot, I felt a bit uncomfortable with his fixed stare watching over me, I didnt want to get too close!

In-post, cropped due to 50mm lens being used, I worked the blackpoints in LR

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