The best architectural photography locations in Edinburgh

As an enthusiastic architectural photographer, I am often asking myself where are the best architectural photography locations in Edinburgh. I keep promising myself to find personal time and book myself in for the odd day out in Edinburgh with camera in hand. So where are the most interesting modern buildings, bridges and locations?

Here’s a map I’ve put together of Edinburgh’s best architectural photography locations, separated into modern architecture and historic architecture.

Architectural Photography, Tips and Advice!

It’s all about the angle, geometry & perpetuity, of course good light goes without saying. Taking photographs on a dreary Edinburgh day just isn’t going to cut it. Quadruple your chances by picking a day with good light.

Essential gear for the best shots

  • The Photographer's Ephemeris
  • Tripod
  • Tilt Shift Lens

Alternatively, there's nothing wrong with winging it, with basic gear, a good eye is what counts. Sometimes the benefits of travelling light outweigh the cumbersome and clumsy distractions of too much kit.

If you are taking night photographs, an alternative to a good steady tripod is the Manfrotto Super clamp. Using a gimbal head, with the appropriate connector gives you the opportunity to lock down your gear to any convenient bit of street furniture that happens to present itself. Be mindful and take a combination of ‘straight-up’ architectural shots and interesting details and angles.

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