About the photographer, John Gilchrist

Image, a brief outline about Edinburgh based photographer John Gilchrist.JGPCamera-toting photo junky, who’s always on the lookout for his next picture.

Hi I’m John, so you're here to learn something about me the photographer, well, I answer to many titles depending on the context of their application, those labels able to be repeated here are JGP, JG, Big Jay, JiGee, Dad, Chief but my most loved term has to be Half Man Half-Ape. I’m associated with so many acronyms, terms, and abbreviations that it's it pointless going further with more, you get the idea!

Quick fact, I live in a house where my opinion doesn’t seem to matter, lol (don't tell my wife I said that). Which is probably why I’ve thrown myself so deep into my photography.

To all who know me but haven’t grasped it yet,
taking photographs is an incurable passion of mine! John Gilchrist

Yes, I love to create visual content. Some people are said to have an ''eye'' for a photograph, I believe it’s more about preparation, perseverance and being passionate about what you do!

Shut the front door! Who would have thought? I hear some of you cry, lol.

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